Karin Fridell Anter – selected publications in other languages than Swedish

Colour and light – spatial experience

Editors Karin Fridell Anter and Ulf Klarén.  This book, published by Routledge in 2017, is a translation from Swedish.

DAYLIGHT, Visual Comfort and Quality of Light

The last report, no 8, in SYN-TES report series is now available. It is written by Karin Fridell Anter.

Reports from the research project SYN-TES

The research project SYN-TES: Human colour and light synthesis. Towards a coherent field of knowledge was lead by Karin Fridell Anter at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm during 2010-2011. SYN-TES report series  no 1-8 and other publications, partly in English, can be downloaded free of cost from www.konstfack.se/SYN-TES

Dissertation about Pompeii

Marina Weilguni’s doctoral thesis Streets, Spaces and Places. Three Pompeiian movement axes analysed is now available both as a book and as a pdf on the Internet. Karin Fridell Anter’s article Colour in the Pompeiian Cityscape is published as an appendix in the same volume.

Book on color and design

Karin Fridell Anter is one of the authors in the anthology Color and Design, Berg Publishers 2012 (ed. M. DeLong & B. Martinson)

Book on light and colour concepts

The book Colour and Light: Concepts and confusions (ed. Harald Arnkil, 2012) is written within the research project SYN-TES and includes and article by Karin Fridell Anter. Free download from  Aalto university .

What colour is the red house?

Fridell Anter, K: What colour is the red house? Perceived colour of painted facades.
Doctoral dissertation 2000, KTH Architecture.

Painted walls. From pictures and imitations to coloured space

Fridell Anter K: ‘Painted walls. From pictures and imitations to coloured space’ inAIC 2004 Color and Paints, Interim Meeting of the International Color Association, Proceedings pp 227-230 (Web publication http://www.fadu.uba.ar/sicyt/color/aic2004.htm)

An architectural understanding of colour research

Billger, M & Fridell Anter, K: ‘An architectural understanding of colour research’ inColour in Fashion and Colour in Culture. Proceedings of the Interim Meeting of the International Colour Association pp70-74. AIC South Africa 2006.

Di che colore è la casa rossa?

Fridell Anter, K: ‘Di che colore è la casa rossa? Indizi per la selta e la comprensione dei colori per le facciate’ in Colore e ambinente urbano. La pubblicazione si riferisce al Convegno svoltosi a Palazzo Ducale, Genova i 23 maggio 2003. (ed. Sivia Rizzo) De Ferrari 2006, pp 83-86.