Marina Weilguni

Marina Weilguni
Herrhagsvägen 180
752 67 Uppsala


Link to CV

I’m a translator from the source languages English, German, French, Norwegian and Danish (and a little Italian). The target language is of course Swedish, but also German as this is my second native language – I speak, read and write it fluently.

One of my fields of extertise is technical documentation in engineering and production, medical appliances, biochemistry, chemistry and technology.  I often work with user manuals for different types of produktion machines, househld appliances, etc. Another large group of translations consists of patent applications in all kinds of fields.

Though it’s not all about technology – I have recently translated the Austrian Tourist Organisations brochure for the Winter 2012 from German to Swedish, and I like to work with varying tasks!

Link to “Väl framme” (Austrian Winter Magazine 2012), translated from German by me

I also write small articles as content for websites as well as other articles in the field of popular science. Mainly I write these in English or Swedish. The English articles are often placed on “article market places” on the Internet, but I also write on demand.

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