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Scientific work and publications

by Karin Fridell Anter (selection)

SYN-TES Colour and Light Synthesis - Towards a Coherent Field of Knowledge

Research project at Konstfack 2010-11

Lead by Karin Fridell and Ulf Klarén

Full documentation of SYN-TES, it's subprojects and subsequent research (in English and Swedish)

Colour and Light. Spatial experience

Editors Karin Fridell Anter & Ulf Klarén

Routledge 2017. 238 pages

The book is based on the research project SYN-TES and includes chapters written by 11 researchers and practioners from different fields delaing the colour and light. Including background context, facts and possible approaches, the book provides a basic understanding of light and colour, and their significance for humans in the spatial context.

Nordic light and colour 2012

Editors Barbara Matusiak & Karin Fridell Anter

Report and discussion on an intense 6 day transdisciplinary PhD course held at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

11 articles, including "Spatial interaction between light and colour. An overview over current international research" by Karin Fridell Anter.

Full text provided by NTNU

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Colour and Light - Concepts and confusions

Harald Arnkil (ed.), Karin Fridell Anter & Ulf Klarén

with an introduction by C.L.Hardin

Aalto University 2012


Colour in the Pompeiian cityscape

Karin Fridell Anter 2011

In: Marina Wileguni: Streets, Spaces and Places, p.243-314


Den rymliga gråheten

Så vitt vi vet

Karin Fridell Anter & Ulf Klarén 2008-2009

Forskningsprojekt vid Konstfack

Även i:

Inter. Fem konstnärliga utvecklingsprojekt på interdisciplinär grund. Konstfack 2009 (Den rymliga gråheten)

Fem konstnärliga utveckningsprojekt. Konstfack University Press 2009 (Så vitt vi vet)

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What colour is the red house?

Perceived colour of painted facades

Karin Fridell Anter 2000

Dissertation Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)


Färgskalor hos traditionella pigment

Naturens färgpalett